Growing a business sustainably is hard work.

What’s worse is that marketing, especially digital marketing is getting more complicated by the day. There are new social media platforms popping up every day year to add to the already exhaustive options for marketing. The existing platforms are getting more and more complex to use. How is a business owner supposed to make sense of everything and still run their business? Unless if you are a marketing nerd like ourselves, you did not sign up to keep tabs with the ever-changing complex world of digital marketing. You just want to attract qualified leads and grow your business.

Instead, most business owners are stuck with:

  • Deciding which digital marketing options to use to grow their business for an ever-growing list of options.
  • Receiving mixed advice from different agencies and providers. The SEO guy tells you that creating a tonne of content and SEO is the only way to go, the social media person tells you to be in all social media channels and get lots of likes and views, Then there are the ad agencies touting all sorts of platforms.
  • Paying expensive long retainer contracts and seeing any tangible results.

It does not have to be this hard. What we need as business owners is one thing: qualified leads. People that will pick up the phone when you call them and move to the next stage of your sales process. Everything else is just gravy and not the steak.

Wouldn’t it be easy if all you had to do was decide how many leads you want to have in your business, pay a fixed amount for those leads and off you go? Simple! Whether need 30 leads or 1000 leads every month, you just pay for what you need and don’t have to worry about:

  • Signing retainer contracts.
  • Managing and going back and forth with different agencies who seem to want more of your time and not necessarily deliver the outcomes you want.

This is where ‘pay per lead’ marketing is the future of how you engage with agencies and marketing companies.

Because we only get paid when we deliver leads to you, we have more skin in the game and you can bet we’ll go over and above the rest to make sure that you get the outcome you need or we are ‘out on the streets.

If you want to work with a lead generation partner who believes in your business and is prepared to put their money where your mouth is, then we would love to organise a time to understand your business and see how we can help you grow.